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Treacle tart

Treacle tart
Treacle tart with clotted cream
Course Dessert
Place of origin United Kingdom
Serving temperature Hot or warm
Main ingredients Shortcrust pastry, golden syrup, breadcrumbs, lemon juice
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Treacle tart is a traditional British dessert.


It is prepared using shortcrust pastry, with a thick filling made of golden syrup, also known as light treacle, breadcrumbs, and lemon juice or zest. A modern alternative recipe uses ground almonds in place of the breadcrumbs. The tart is normally served hot or warm with a scoop of clotted cream, ordinary cream, ice cream or custard. Some more recent recipes add cream, eggs, or both, to make a softer filling.

In popular culture

The "Treacle Tart" was the recipient of the 2012 Shekie Award for Pie of the Year. It narrowly defeated the Pecan Pie in the Pie-Off during episode 108 of the Dave Dameshek Football Program.[1]

In the Harry Potter series, Harry's favourite dessert is treacle tart, a dessert often found at the Hogwarts feasts. The character Lionel Hardcastle in the BBC One television programme As Time Goes By is also fond of treacle tarts.

This dessert featured in the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The childcatcher, in an attempt to lure out the children from the basement, calls out that he is giving away free sweets.

"Treacle tart" is Cockney rhyming slang for "sweetheart".[citation needed]

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