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Trigarta Kingdom

Trigarta Empire was since Satyuga and first ruler of this Empire was Raja Bhumi Chander. Trigarta was also a kingdom mentioned in the epic Mahabharata. Mahabharata mentions two different Trigarta kingdoms, one in the west close to the Sivi Kingdom and the other north to the Kuru Kingdom. Modern Kangra is one of the ancient town in North Trigarta, India, extending westward to the Punjab area. Trigarta is the territory around the three rivers of Satluj, Beas, and Ravi. These Trigarta kings were allies of Duryodhana and enemies of Pandavas and Viratas. Their capital was named Prasthala. They attacked the Virata Kingdom aided by the Kurus to steal cattle from there. The Pandavas living there in anonymity helped the Viratas to resist the combined forces of Trigartas and Kurus. Trigarta kings fought the Kurukshetra War and were killed by Arjuna, after a ruthless and bloody conflict. Arjuna also annihilated an Akshouhini (a large military unit) of Trigarta warriors called the Samsaptakas. These warriors had vowed to either die or kill Arjuna as part of a larger plan by Duryodhana to capture Yudhishthira alive.[1] Katoch Dynasty is an offshoot of Trigratraje Dynasty. The Katoch Dynasty has been attributed to have ruled this area and the above story from the Mahabharata is recorded in their history. Maharaja Susharma Chand had fought against Arjuna. His son built the Kangra Fort. Katoch Dynasty,in Kaliyuga, has also its famous sub clans as Jaswal Dynasty, Guleria Dynasty, Sibaia Dynasty and Dadwal Dynasty.

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