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Tropical house

Not to be confused with the genre called trouse, combining trance and progressive house.

Tropical house, often abbreviated as trop house, is a fairly new[clarification needed] house music subgenre. It is pioneered by the Australian DJ and producer Thomas Jack. Artists of the genre are often featured at various festivals, such as the appearance of Bakermat on the Bakermat and Friends stage in Tomorrowland 2014.[3]

The name of the genre itself started off as a kind of a joke by Thomas Jack, but has since been gaining popularity among listeners.[1] The term "trouse" should not be confused with trop house as "trouse" is used as the name of the genre that instead combines the feeling of trance and the beats of progressive house, utilizing electro synths.[4]

Origins of the term

The term "tropical house" was used as a joke by the Australian DJ and producer Thomas Jack that came from being pressured into picking a genre to categorize his music under combined with his love for summer vibes and the beach. Since then, the name caught on and has been used among listeners to categorize the style of music.

The genre "Tropical House" was kind of a joke at the start. One of my mates told me to label my music under a genre. I loved summer vibes and the beach so I thought tropical house would be a cool name.
—Thomas Jack, interview with Thissongissick[1]


Tropical house is a subgenre of deep house, which is itself a subgenre of house music. Thus, it possesses typical house music characteristics, including synthesizer instrumentation, and a 4/4 kick drum pattern. The tempo of tropical house songs usually falls within the 100-120 bpm range, which is not uncommon in deep house. Like deep house also, track lengths are typically longer than other forms of house music, with song lengths varying from 5-10 minutes. It typically includes a blend of synthesized and acoustic instrumentation. This can include typical synthesizer basslines and lead synths (such as plucks), but also vocals, pianos, pan flutes, and the saxophone, giving it the characteristic 'chilled' feeling.

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