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Grape (Vitis)
Colour of berry skin White
Notable regions Imereti district, Georgia
Notable wines Tsolikauri, Kolkheti, Lelo, Tvishi[1]

Tsolikouri (Georgian: ცოლიკოური) is a light yellow-skinned white grape variety grown mainly in western Imereti district of Georgia.[2] It cultivated in Kolkhida Lowland at an altitude of Script error: No such module "convert". above sea level.[3]

Out of 400 different types of grapes in the country, Tsolikouri is among the most widespread varieties.[4] Nearly 90% of vineyards in western Georgia grow Tsolikauri. This sort usually matures by mid October.[5] Grown in Orzhonikidze vineyards during Soviet rule of Georgia, Tsolikouri was considered one of high-quality grapes along with Chkhaveri and Izabella varieties.[6] It has been used for production of premium dry, semi-sweet and semi-dry wines.[2] Tsolikauri, Kolkheti, Lelo, Tvishi wines are made from Tsolikouri grapes.[1][7] According to former Soviet statesman Vyacheslav Molotov, Tsolikouri was one of favorite wines of Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin.[8]

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