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U.S. F2000 National Championship

U.S. F2000 National Championship
Category Single seaters
Country 23x15px United States
Inaugural season 1990
Drivers 20
Teams 11
Constructors various (1990-2006)
Élan (2010-present)
Engine suppliers Mazda, Ford
Tyre suppliers Cooper Tires
Drivers' champion 23x15px Florian Latorre
Teams' champion 23x15px Cape Motorsports
Official website
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Cooper Tires presents the U.S. F2000 National Championship powered by Mazda is an American racing series using the American variation of the Formula Ford formula, "F2000", that resumed operation for the 2010 season. It is sanctioned by IndyCar,[1] and is a part of the Mazda Road to Indy.


The series was initially founded by Dan Andersen and Mike Foschi in 1990, and regularly fielded over 60 entries per race. In 2001, the series was sold to Jon Baytos who introduced a number of controversial rule changes that brought the series out of alignment with similar Sports Car Club of America classes. This ultimately led to a sharp reduction in participation, and the end of the series in 2006. F2000 Pro Series racing continued under the F2000 Championship Series with a rules package which realigned competition rules with SCCA rules and thus allowed multiple chassis makes.

For 2010, the U.S. F2000 National Championship returned under the leadership of Dan Andersen, who then owned professional racing teams in Star Mazda and Indy Lights. The intent was to return F2000 to its status as a stepping stone to higher calibers of professional open wheel racing in the United States. The car rule package includes two sub-classes: the Championship class requires a Van Diemen chassis with a league mandated aerodynamics package, and a sealed Mazda MZR engine. The National class was from 2010 to 2012 for a Ford Zetec or Pinto powered car using any Formula Ford or Formula Continental chassis. Those National class cars, though allowed more open suspension and aero tuning, ran with a ~30 hp deficit as compared to the Mazda powered cars to ensure slower lap times. In November 2011 it was announced that SCCA Formula Enterprise cars would be eligible to compete for the National Championship from the 2012 Season onward.[2] At the end of the 2012 season, it was announced that the 2013 National Class would consist only of Formula Enterprise cars.[3] After the 2013 season, the National class was discontinued. In November 2009, Cooper Tires announced the signing of a 4-year deal as a presenting sponsor and exclusive tire supplier for the series.[4]

Starting in 2011, organisers added a winter series of five races, organised in a short span in January or February, all held in southern Florida. The Winterfest series prepares F2000 drivers for their opportunities to race in F2000 in the main season.


Season Champion B-Division Oval Crown Eastern States Triple Crown Western States Triple Crown
1990 23x15px Vince Puleo 23x15px Paul McKee
1991 23x15px Craig Taylor 23x15px Danny Ragland
1992 23x15px Chris Simmons 23x15px Victor Calderone
1993 23x15px Chris Simmons 23x15px Rick Brunner
1994 23x15px Clay Collier 23x15px Jeff Beck
1995 23x15px Jeret Schroeder 23x15px Jon Groom
1996 23x15px Steve Knapp 23x15px Jon Groom 23x15px Allen May 23x15px Steve Knapp 23x15px Jason Bright
1997 23x15px Zak Morioka 23x15px Zak Morioka
1998 23x15px David Besnard 23x15px David Besnard
1999 23x15px Dan Wheldon
2000 23x15px Aaron Justus 23x15px Tom Dyer
2001 23x15px Jason Lapoint 23x15px Scott Rubenzer
2002 23x15px Bryan Sellers 23x15px Kip Meeks
2003 23x15px Jonathan Bomarito 23x15px Chris Dona
2004 23x15px Bobby Wilson 23x15px Greg Pizzo
2005 23x15px Jay Howard
2006 23x15px J. R. Hildebrand
2007–2009, series not held Team Champion National class Winterfest Winterfest National class
2010 23x15px Sage Karam 23x15px Andretti Autosport 23x15px Ardie Greenameyer


23x15px Petri Suvanto 23x15px Andretti Autosport 23x15px Luca Forgeois 23x15px Zach Veach


23x15px Matthew Brabham 23x15px Cape Motorsports 23x15px Henrik Furuseth 23x15px Spencer Pigot 23x15px James Dayson


23x15px Scott Hargrove 23x15px Cape Motorsports 23x15px Scott Rettich 23x15px Neil Alberico 23x15px James Dayson


23x15px Florian Latorre 23x15px Cape Motorsports 23x15px R. C. Enerson


Constructors championship

Between 1997 and 2002 a constructors championship was contested. Only constructors who were Associate Members of the USF2000 championship were eligible to score points.

Constructor Years active 1997[6] 1998[7] 1999[8] 2000[9] 2001[10] 2002[11]
Van Diemen 1990-2006 1 1 1 1 1 1
Tatuus 1997-2001 2 2 4 N.C.1 N.C.1
Mygale 1999-2003 2 3 3 2
Bowman 1998-1999 3 4
Vector 2000 4
Carbir 1999-2001 2 2 2
Nemesis 1997 3
Swift 1997 4 N.C.1
Constructors active in USF2000 in years without a constructors championship
Fast 1990
Reynard 1990-1996; 2010
Élan 2010–present
SCCA Enterprises 2012-2013

^1 These manufacturers were not Associate Members of the USF2000 championship and thus were not eligible to score points.

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