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UCI Track Cycling World Cup

UCI Track Cycling World Cup
32px 2014–15 UCI Track Cycling World Cup
Race details
Date October–February
Region Worldwide
Discipline Track
Type Series
First edition 1993
Editions 22 (as of 2013-14)

The UCI Track Cycling World Cup (formerly known as the UCI Track Cycling World Cup Classics) is a multi race tournament held over a track cycling season - usually between October and February. Each series is divided into several rounds, each held in a different country.


The UCI Track Cycling World Cup is a key event within the Track Cycling calendar, with only the World Championships and the Olympic Games attracting more World Ranking points.[1]

The series is open to national teams and registered trade teams who compete over a number of track cycling disciplines. The overall classification is decided on a points system with riders or teams amassing points in each discipline competed during each round of the series. The rider or team that has the greatest number of points in each discipline wears a white jersey in that discipline in the following round to denote their status as leader. The World Cup trophy is presented to the nation with the greatest number of points in each discipline at the end of the final round of the series.[1]

The inaugural round of the UCI Track Cycling World Cup Classics (as it was then known) was held in Copenhagen, Denmark in May 1993.[2] The series is held over a track cycling season which was initially between February and June of each year; however since 2004–05 this has changed to between October and February. The number of rounds within each series has varied each year but has generally been between 3 and 6 rounds.

The name UCI Track Cycling World Cup was adopted from the 2011–12 series.


File:Deutsche Mannschaft feiert Sieg.JPG
The German team (pictured in Glasgow) won the World Cup trophy in 2012–13

A summary of the World Cup trophy winning nations by year is shown below:[3][4]

Series Rounds Winning Nation
1993 Unknown
1994 Unknown
1995 6 Unknown
1996 6 Unknown
1997 6 Unknown
1998 4 Unknown
1999 5 23x15px France
2000 5 Unknown
2001 5 Unknown
2002 4 23x15px United States
2003 4 23x15px Germany
2004 4 23x15px Germany
2004–05 4 23x15px Netherlands
2005–06 4 23x15px Netherlands
2006–07 4 23x15px Netherlands
2007–08 4 23x15px Netherlands
2008–09 5 23x15px Germany
2009–10 4 23x15px Germany
2010–11 4 23x15px France
2011–12 4 23x15px Germany
2012–13 3 23x15px Germany
2013–14 3 23x15px Great Britain
2014–15 3


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