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United Council of Christian Fraternities & Sororities

The United Council of Christian Fraternities and Sororities, (UCCFS) is an umbrella organization for the Christian fraternities and sororities.


The history of United Council of Christian Fraternities and Sororities (UCCFS) begins with the dream of Visionary Founder Shirley K. Russell of Alpha Nu Omega Fraternity and Sorority, Inc. She had the dream of bringing together Christian fraternities and sororities in a united body to meet the challenges that their unique organizations face. She envisioned a Council that would allow Christian fraternal organizations an environment for cooperative ministry.

In August 2006, the leadership of three such organizations came together—Alpha Nu Omega, Inc., Delta Psi Epsilon Christian Sorority, Inc. and Men of God Christian Fraternity, Inc. National Presidents Curtis M. Brown, Vila-Sheree Watson, Bryan K. Miller and Visionary Russell met during the national convention of Alpha Nu Omega in Virginia Beach, Virginia to form an alliance dedicated to bring together Christian fraternities and sororities for a greater ministry purpose.


The Council has a fivefold purpose to UNITE.

U-Unity, Bring together Christian fraternities and sororities in a unified body for a greater impact in the communities we serve across the country.

N-Navigation, Aid member organizations in the navigation of college and university student/Greek life systems.

I-Inspection, Serve in an advisory capacity to Christian fraternities and sororities. We will work with Christian fraternities and sororities throughout the country to provide guidance,oversight, legitimacy, and credibility.

T- Training and Development, Provide leadership training and development to the officers of each member institution in areas including organizational structure and conduct.

E-Eminent Domain, Combine the resources of member organizations (which we recognize are God's resources) in order to foster cooperative ministry and become more effective and efficient ambassadors for the kingdom of God.


The United Council of Christian Fraternties and Sororities shall be an impactful leader in the kingdom of God through being on one accord, forming a cooperative ministry and providing leadership training.

The UCCFS shall bring together Christian fraternities and sororities working to have a greater impact on the member organizations’ campuses and communities.

The council will give legitimacy to each member organization among peers as the organizations navigate through ministerial and university systems.

Finally, the council will provide leadership training and counsel to the organization officers in an attempt to train effective and efficient leaders in the kingdom of God.


The current members of the UCCFS are

Member Headquarters Classification Chapters Founded UCCFS
Alpha Nu Omega Baltimore, Maryland Fraternity & Sorority 26 1988 at Morgan State University 2006
Men of God San Antonio, Texas Fraternity 5 1999 at Texas Tech University 2006
Delta Psi Epsilon Washington, D.C. Sorority 12 1999 in Huntsville, Alabama 2006
Zeta Phi Zeta Chicago, Illinois Fraternity & Sorority 7 2001 at X-STREAM TEENS Ministries 2007
Gamma Phi Delta Austin, Texas Fraternity 16 1988 at The University of Texas at Austin 2011
Alpha Eta Theta Mitchellville, Maryland Sorority 2 2007 in Mitchellville, Maryland 2011

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