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United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 1976

Eurovision Song Contest 1976
Country 23x15px United Kingdom
National selection
Selection process A Song For Europe
Selection date(s) 25 February 1976
Selected entrant Brotherhood of Man
Selected song "Save Your Kisses For Me"
Finals performance
Final result 1st, 168 points
United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest
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The United Kingdom held a national preselection to choose the song that would go to the Eurovision Song Contest 1976. It took place on 25 February 1976 at the Royal Albert Hall in London. For the first time since 1964 a single act did not perform each of the nominated songs with rather each song being performed by a different act. Michael Aspel acted as presenter for the event.[1]


Fourteen regional juries voted on the songs: Bristol, Bangor, Leeds, Norwich, Newcastle, Aberdeen, Birmingham, Manchester, Belfast, Cardiff, Plymouth, Glasgow, Southampton and London.

Artist Song Place Points
Co-Co Wake up 2 138
Polly Brown Do You Believe in Love at First Sight 10 71
Brotherhood of Man Save Your Kisses for Me 1 140
Hazel Dean I Couldn't Live Without You for a Day 8 77
Champagne A Love for All Seasons 8 77
Frank Ifield Ain't Gonna Take No for an Answer 12 21
Sunshine Maria 7 80
Tammy Jones Love's a Carousel 6 97
Joey Valentine Going to the Movies 11 52
Sweet Dreams Love, Kiss and Run 4 109
Louise Jane White Take the Money and Run 5 100
Tony Christie Queen of the Mardi Gras 3 129
The table is ordered by appearance.

The songs were backed by the Alyn Ainsworth Orchestra. A Song for Europe was watched in 6.3 million homes (giving it a general viewing figure of 12.6 million viewers), and finishing as the 18th-most watched programme of the week.[1] "Save Your Kisses for Me" won the national final and ultimately went on to win the Eurovision Song Contest itself.

At Eurovision

Points Awarded to the United Kingdom

Points Awarded to the United Kingdom[2]</small>
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point
  1. REDIRECT Template:Country data Republic of Ireland

Points Awarded by the United Kingdom[2]

12 points 23x16px  Switzerland
10 points
  1. REDIRECT Template:Country data Republic of Ireland
8 points 23x15px France
7 points 23x15px Belgium
6 points Template:Country data ISL
5 points 23x15px Monaco
4 points 23x15px Austria
3 points 23x15px Spain
2 points 23x15px Finland
1 point 23x15px Italy


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