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University of Pennsylvania College Houses

The University of Pennsylvania College Houses are a major part of facilitating a community and experience amongst the undergraduates. Each House has one Faculty Master and one House Dean, with at least two College House Fellows (members of the faculty and senior administration) in residence.[1] Each house hosts a wide range of jobs for students, including Residential Advisors, Graduate Associates, House Councils, Managers and Information Technology Advisors. The houses also encourage communities through the wide range of Residential Programs within the system.

DuBois College House

Du Bois, located at 3900 Walnut Street, is named after W. E. B. Du Bois and focuses on supporting the pursuit of African American culture. Many of its activities are co-sponsored by various campus organizations including Black student League, Muslim Students Association, and the LGBT Center. These activities include a lecture series, community service opportunities, and art exhibits within the house.

Residential Programs:

Fisher Hassenfeld College House

Fisher, located at 3700 Spruce Street, is one of three College Houses that exist in the Quad. It offers many events throughout the year, targeted at both its residential programs and its general residents. Such events include the annual Fall Festival, a spring BBQ, yoga classes, and group discussions related to law and health. Fisher is also known for the creation and hosting of the annual College House Student Film Festival, which began in 2003.

Residential Programs:

Gregory College House

Gregory comprises two buildings: Van Pelt, located at 3909 Spruce Street, and Class of 1925, located at 3941 Irving Street. The house focuses on events geared towards film (hosting 60-65 screenings per semester) and their five language programs. The language events run the gamut from cooking and Pictionary to dinners and trips. The language programs can also get a student course credit.

Residential Programs:

Harnwell College House

Harnwell, located at 3820 Locust Walk, is one of three high rises at Penn. Its rooftop lounge is home to many activities, including plays, concerts, and dances. Harnwell is also home to a dance studio, a fitness center, and the Café du Soleil. Dr. Suhnne Ahn is the House Dean.

Residential Programs:

Harrison College House

Harrison, located at 3910 Irving Street, is the second of the three high rises at Penn. Like Harnwell, it is home to a rooftop lounge, Heyer Sky Lounge, and a cafe, Café Prima. Harrison is also home to its own theatre group, Front Row Theater, which performs in the Sky Lounge.

Residential Programs:

Hill College House

Hill College House, located at 3333 Walnut Street, is one of the largest college houses (undergraduate dormitories) at the University of Pennsylvania. Hill was designed in 1958 by Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen, who also designed the St. Louis Arch, the former TWA Flight Center at New York City's Kennedy Airport, and Dulles Airport. The building was unusual for its time, incorporating an interior atrium. Once a women's dormitory, Hill is now co-ed.

In common with other buildings constructed at the height of the Cold War, the basement of Hill contains a fallout shelter, which links to the University's utility tunnels. Hill is known for its Upper East Lounge, which houses a grand piano, and a basement called The Underground, where students go to socialize with games like table tennis and billiards. Hill is also one of two college houses that has an in-house dining hall.

Residential Programs:

Kings Court English College House

King's Court English, located at 3465 Sansom Street, is known for having the first residential programs with STWing being founded in 1990, and PiH founded soon after. It is home to a student-run rooftop café called Mirage and a student-run convenience store called Oasis. English House is the other college house to have an in-house dining hall. It is also home to an in house newspaper called The Toilet Paper, or The TP for short.

Residential Programs:

New College House (name TBD)

New College House is being built next to Hill House. Once complete, it will be the first college house since the start of Penn's residential program to have been built specifically for students. Construction is expected to complete in 2016 and it will then have space for 350 residents. [2]

Riepe College House

Riepe, located at 310 South 36th Street, is the second of three college houses that reside in the Quad. Activities include trips to sports games, orchestra concerts, art museums, and tours of Philadelphia. The house itself also has five lounges, a pool table, and a ping pong table to encourage students to get to know each other.

Residential Programs:

Rodin College House

Rodin, located at 3901 Locust Walk, is the third of the three high rises at Penn. Like the others, it is also home to a café, the High Rise 'n' Shine Café. The House Council hosts weekly study breaks and brunch once a month. Other activities include trips to operas, to Broadway, and a Super Bowl barbecue.

Residential Programs:

Sansom Place East and West

Sansom Place is broken up into two buildings: East, located at 3600 Chestnut Street, and West, located at 3650 Chestnut Street. It is home predominantly to graduate students, but also houses many undergraduates and some faculty. Sansom East features a package room, computer room, an eleventh floor lounge, and a commons area with a kitchen and rec room. Sansom West has lounges on the third, sixth, eleventh, and fourteenth floors.

Stouffer College House

Stouffer, located at 3702 Spruce Street, offers a variety of common room games including: foosball, pool, air hockey, basketball, and volleyball. House activities include an annual trip to the woods and a semi-formal. Stouffer is also home to exercise equipment and a hammock.

Residential Programs:

Ware College House

Ware, located at 3650 Spruce Street, is located in the middle section of the Quadrangle. Ware is home to multiple music practice rooms, a computer lab, a kitchen, and game rooms. For events programming, it sponsors house trips to the city where they visit museums, arts events, parks, and go shopping. Ware also hosts open mic nights, weekly house dinners, and a special Dinner with Interesting People program.

Residential Programs:


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