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File:Västtrafik logo.svg
The Västtrafik logo.
File:Gothenburg commuter rail.jpg
An X61 commuter train at Gothenburg Central Station
File:Västtrafik X50.JPG
Västtrafik X50 regional train at Nässjö C

Västtrafik is the agency responsible for public transport services involving buses, ferries, trains, and the Göteborg tramway in the county of Västra Götaland, Sweden (plus Kungsbacka Municipality). Until 31 December 2011 the ownership was shared equally between the Västra Götaland Regional Council and the 49 municipalities in the region, from 1 January 2012 the county council is the sole owner.[1] The fleet consists of approximately 1700 vehicles.

Västtrafik is the brand name which is printed on tickets and vehicles. Västtrafik has the responsibility, but the actual operation of traffic, including employment of staff and ownership of vehicles is done by separate operators. An exception is that Västtrafik for practical reasons (such as long delivery times for new vehicles) owns Västtrafik branded trains. Boats and trams are owned and operated by the respective municipality.

The whole of Göteborg's public transport network is equipped with sensors which track the location of every bus or tram at any given time. The system allows to estimate when a tram or bus will be leaving from the next stop in real time. This information is displayed in bus and tram shelters, and indicating any delays affecting the next bus or tram.


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