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Electronic Attack Squadron 134
VAQ-134 insignia
Active 7 June 1969
Country 23x15px United States of America
Branch United States Navy Seal United States Navy
Role Airborne Electronic Attack
Garrison/HQ Naval Air Station Whidbey Island
Nickname Garudas
Aircraft flown
Attack EKA-3B Skywarrior
EA-6B Prowler

Electronic Attack Squadron 134 (VAQ-134), also known as the "Garudas", is a United States Navy EA-6B Prowler squadron based at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. VAQ-134 is assigned to Carrier Air Wing 8 aboard the USS George H.W. Bush.

Squadron History

File:KA-6D VA-165 refueling EA-6B VAQ-134 1982.JPEG
A VAQ-134 EA-6B refueling from a KA-6D from VA-165, 1982.

Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ-134) was originally established on June 7, 1969 at Naval Air Station Alameda, California, flying the EKA-3B Skywarriors. After two years of being commissioned, VAQ-134 stood down in July 1971 and moved to its current homeport, NAS Whidbey Island. In 1972, the "Garudas" received the EA-6B Prowler and became the Navy's third operational Prowler squadron.[1]

The EA-6B is to be replaced by the EA-18G in early 2015,[2] and the last deployment with the EA-6B was on George H.W. Bush in 2014.


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