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Vestandsk or Vestlandske dialekter (West Norwegian) is a collective term for the dialects that are spoken on the West Coast in the area ranging from Romsdal in the north to Agder in the south. These dialects can furthermore, be split into 'North-Western Norwegian dialects', 'South-Western Norwegian dialects' and 'southern dialects'.

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  • Nordvestlandske dialekter (North-Western dialects) have e-infinitive, and extends from the middle of Sogn og Fjordane to Romsdal. Of these, one can mention:
    • Jølstramål
    • Sunnmørsdialekt
    • Romsdal dialect
  • Sørvestlandske dialekter (South-western dialects) have a-infinitive, and extends from the inner Sogn og Fjordane, through Hordaland and Rogaland and parts of Vest-Agder. Of these, one can mention:
    • Bergensk, Haugesundsk, Stavangersk: this is 'bymål' and they have strong simplification, which is characteristic for all city dialects (urban dialects, 'bydialekter'), but they originate from the dialects of the area, and have much in common with them.
    • Jærsk
    • Strilamål
  • Sørlandske dialekter (Southern dialects) has soft consonants, guttural R and a-endings, and is spoken in the Agder and part of Telemark.