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Vice Chief of Naval Operations

Vice Chief Of Naval Operations
Admiral Michelle J. Howard

since July 1, 2014
Formation 26 March 1942
First holder Frederick J. Horne

The Vice Chief of Naval Operations (VCNO) is the second highest-ranking commissioned officer in the United States Navy. In the event that the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) is absent or is unable to perform their duties, the VCNO assumes the duties and responsibilities of the CNO. The VCNO may also perform other duties that the CNO assigns to them. The VCNO is appointed by the President of the United States, and must be confirmed via majority vote by the Senate.[1] By statute, the VCNO is appointed as a four-star admiral.

This position was called Assistant for Operations in 1915, and Assistant Chief of Naval Operations in 1922. In 1942 the title became Vice Chief of Naval Operations.[2] The current VCNO is Admiral Michelle J. Howard. Previous VCNOs include:

Vice Chief of Naval Operations Tenure
1 VADM (ADM) Frederick J. Horne 26 March 1942Template:Spaced ndash2 September 1945
2 ADM Richard S. Edwards Jr. 1945–1946
3 ADM DeWitt Clinton Ramsey 15 January 1946Template:Spaced ndash3 January 1948
4 ADM Arthur W. Radford January 1948Template:Spaced ndashMay 1949
5 ADM John D. Price 1949–1950
6 ADM Lynde D. McCormick 1950–1951
7 ADM Donald B. Duncan 1951–1956
8 ADM Harry D. Felt 1956–1958
9 ADM James S. Russell 21 July 1958Template:Spaced ndashSeptember 1961
10 ADM Claude V. Ricketts 25 September 1961Template:Spaced ndash6 July 1964
11 ADM Horacio Rivero, Jr. July 1964Template:Spaced ndashJanuary 1968
12 ADM Bernard A. Clarey January 1968Template:Spaced ndashDecember 1970
13 ADM Ralph W. Cousins 1970–1972
14 ADM Maurice F. Weisner 1972–1973
15 ADM James L. Holloway III September 1973Template:Spaced ndash1974
16 ADM Worth H. Bagley June 1974 - July 1975
17 ADM Harold E. Shear 1975–1977
18 ADM Robert L. J. Long July 1977Template:Spaced ndashApril 1979
19 ADM James D. Watkins April 1979Template:Spaced ndash1981
20 ADM William N. Small 1981–1983
21 ADM Ronald J. Hays 1983–1985
22 ADM James B. Busey IV September 1985Template:Spaced ndash1987
23 ADM Huntington Hardisty 1987–1988
24 ADM Leon A. Edney August 1988Template:Spaced ndashMay 1990
25 ADM Jerome L. Johnson May 1990Template:Spaced ndashJuly 1992
26 ADM Stanley R. Arthur 6 July 1992Template:Spaced ndash1995
27 ADM Joseph W. Prueher April 1995Template:Spaced ndash1996
28 ADM Jay L. Johnson April 1996Template:Spaced ndashAugust 1996
29 ADM Harold W. Gehman, Jr. September 1996Template:Spaced ndashSeptember 1997
30 ADM Donald L. Pilling October 1997Template:Spaced ndashOctober 2000
31 ADM William J. Fallon October 2000Template:Spaced ndashAugust 2003
32 ADM Michael G. Mullen August 2003Template:Spaced ndashAugust 2004
33 ADM John B. Nathman August 2004Template:Spaced ndashFebruary 2005
34 ADM Robert F. Willard 18 March 2005Template:Spaced ndash5 April 2007
35 ADM Patrick M. Walsh 5 April 2007Template:Spaced ndash13 August 2009
36 ADM Jonathan W. Greenert 13 August 2009Template:Spaced ndash22 August 2011
37 ADM Mark E. Ferguson III 22 August 2011Template:Spaced ndash1 July 2014
38 ADM Michelle J. Howard 1 July 2014Template:Spaced ndashpresent

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