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Vision (Timely Comics)

This article is on the original 1940s Vision. For the modern-day comic-book character, see Vision (Marvel Comics)
The Vision
The Golden Age Vision debuts in Marvel Mystery Comics #13 (Nov. 1940). Art by Jack Kirby.
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Marvel Mystery Comics # 13
(November 1940)
Created by Joe Simon
Jack Kirby
In-story information
Alter ego Aarkus
Team affiliations Battle-Axis
Abilities Flight
Cold and ice generation
Limited teleportation
Generate illusory images of himself

The Vision (Aarkus) is a fictional superhero who appeared in American comic books published by Marvel Comics during the 1930s and 1940s, a period fans and historians call the Golden Age of comic books. Created by the writer-artist team of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, the character first appeared in Marvel Mystery Comics #13 (Nov. 1940), published by Marvel predecessor Timely Comics.

Publication history

The Vision debuted in a four-page feature in Marvel Mystery Comics #13 (Nov. 1940), and continued as a regular feature in that superhero anthology through issue #48 (Oct. 1943). He also starred in an eight-page story in Kid Comics #3 (no month given; previous issue dated Summer 1943).

In modern-day continuity, a simulacrum of the Vision was temporarily created from the mind of Rick Jones, along with those of the Angel, the Blazing Skull, the Fin, and the Patriot to aid the superhero team the Avengers during the Kree-Skrull War, in The Avengers #97 (March 1972). Two decades later, he appeared in a flashback story in the World War II-set superhero-team series The Invaders vol. 2, #3 (July 1993). He returns with the other Invaders in the miniseries Invaders Now!, beginning with issue #1 (Nov. 2010). He appeared in several issues of the Marvel NOW! relaunch of X-Men: Legacy, before appearing in the All-New Invaders series in 2014.

Fictional character biography

The Golden Age Vision, also known as Aarkus, is an alien law enforcement officer from a dimension called Smokeworld. While Aarkus is looking for a suitable place to exile a prisoner, he is accidentally contacted by an Earth scientist named Markham Erickson. Leaving the prisoner on the planet Jupiter, Aarkus accepts Erickson's invitation to fight crime on Earth.[1] Aarkus does so for several years, although during World War II is briefly manipulated by the Axis powers into fighting the Allies. The superhero team the Invaders, however, manage to help Aarkus realize his mistake.[2]

A simulacrum of the Vision was temporarily created from the mind of Rick Jones, along with those of the Blazing Skull, the Fin, and the Golden Age Angel and Patriot, to aid the superhero team the Avengers during the Kree-Skrull War.[3]

In the present day, it is revealed that he inhabits the sewers under New York, taking care of a Cosmic Cube that is feeding off the feelings of people affected by the death of Captain America, at the end of a stint with time traveling, we last see him with the newly resurrected Toro.[4] He also plays a supporting role in 2012's X-Men: Legacy, opposing and later aiding main character Legion. This leads to Aarkus ending up comatose and confined to the medical wing of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

After awaking from his coma, Aarkus is approached by the Winter Soldier for help in getting the surviving members of the Invaders to the Kree home world to rescue Namor. It is revealed during this time that in World War 2, Aarkus had mindwiped the Invaders (with their consent) in order to hide the location of an ancient Kree weapon that had granted Baron Von Strucker the power to control Gods.[5]

Powers and abilities

The Vision can generate illusory images of himself; fly; generate ice and extreme cold; and teleport wherever there is smoke.


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