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Vladimir (name)

For other uses, see Vladimir (disambiguation).
Gender male
Word/name Slavic
Meaning origin: of great power (modern Russian reinterpretations: ruler of the world/peace/People)
Other names
Alternative spelling Włodzimierz, Volodymyr, Uladzimir, Vladimiro, Bladimir, Wladimir
Variant form(s) Vladimira (f)
Related names Valamir, Valdemar, Vladislav, Wladyslaw

Vladimir (Russian Cyrillic: Влади́мир Russian pronunciation: [vlɐˈdʲimʲɪr], Old Church Slavonic: Владимѣръ) is a male Slavic given name of Church Slavonic and Old Slavic origin, now widespread throughout all Slavic nations. It is also a common name in former Soviet non-Slavic countries where Christianity is practised, such as Armenia.[1]


Max Vasmer in his Etymological Dictionary of Russian Language explains the name as meaning "regal". Folk etymology interprets the meaning as "person of the people" or "the one with peace on one side". This confusion is introduced by other meanings of the Slavic word "Mir" or "Myr" – peace, people/community, and the world.[2] There was no ambiguity prior to reforms of Russian orthography in 1918. The spelling of the two words was миръ (peace) and мiръ (the Universe),[3] and the name was spelled the third way, Владимѣръ,[2] of Gothic -mērs (great), meaning "Great in His Power"[2] (compare: Theodemir, Valamir). but Russian speakers understood and understand the meaning as "Peace Owner" or "World Ruler".

  • In Belarusian the name is spelled Uladzimir (Uładzimir, Уладзімір) or Uladzimier (Uładzimier, Уладзімер).
  • Romanian derivations are Vlad and Vlăduț.
  • In East Slavic languages, short versions of the name are Vova, Volodka, Volodya. In other West and South Slavic countries, other pet or boy versions are used: e.g., Vladi, Vlada, Vlado, Vladko, Vlatko, Vladik, Wladik, Wladek, Wlodik and Wlodek.
  • In Latin-Romance languages: Vladimiro/Vladimir/Bladimir in Spanish, Vladimir/Wladimir in Portuguese, Vladimiro/Wladimiro in Italian (stressed syllable in bold).
  • In Greek language: Vladímiros/Bladímēros (Βλαδίμηρος).






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