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Vry Afrikaner Movement

File:Afrikaner Vryheidsvlag.svg
The Vryheidsvlag (Freedom Flag).

The Vry Afrikaner Beweging (English: Free Afrikaner Movement) is an independent freedom movement focusing on activism, economic development and job creation[1] in order to establish a peaceful solution for the Afrikaner people's current detrimental situation in southern Africa. Vry Afrikaner forms part of a broader network of organisations working towards greater Afrikaner self-determination in a region between Orania and the West Coast of the Northern Cape province of South Africa.

The goal is to create an independent Afrikaner Republic where Afrikaners can be free to protect, develop and empower their language, culture and interests.[2] The term Vry Afrikaner also describes any Afrikaner individual that actively pursues Afrikaner freedom on any domain.


Vry Afrikaner is a non profit organisation established on 14 April 2010. Vry Afrikaner endeavors to create an Afrikaner dominant economy of scale in a region known as the North West Cape Volkstaat Corridor.[3]

The organisation manages a development fund that currently invests in business property development and new businesses in and around Orania. Vry Afrikaner also has an independent media platform that markets all new developments and businesses created by the organisation while managing the organisation's websites, such as the Vry Afrikaner Portal, blogs and social media.[4] By August 2013 more than 185 000 active readers already followed Vry Afrikaner's blogs and social media.[5]

Vry Afrikaner's current chairman is entrepreneur Quintin Diederichs (2010 - ).[6] The organisation has a growing number of members from all around the world. There are no restrictions on membership and the organisation openly supports other Afrikaans cultural, economic and political organisations such as the Orania Movement, FAK, Freedom Front Plus, Voortrekker Movement and the GHA.