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Wellington Sevens

Wellington Sevens
Sport Rugby sevens
Founded 2000
No. of teams 16
Country New Zealand
Most recent champion(s) 23x15px New Zealand (2015)
Most titles 23x15px New Zealand (8 titles)

The Wellington Sevens or New Zealand Sevens is an annual rugby sevens tournament held at Westpac Stadium in Wellington, New Zealand. The tournament is the fourth on the Sevens World Series circuit, and is generally held on the first weekend of February on the weekend following the USA Sevens tournament. The Wellington Sevens includes teams from 16 countries.

The event attracts over 30,000 spectators annually. The tournament has become Wellington's largest sporting event, and one of New Zealand's leading sporting events.


It also has a reputation for a party atmosphere, with a large proportion of attendees choosing to wear fancy dress. Recent years have seen large groups of costumes that vary from Fred Flintstone and Wilma to Care Bears, dance troops, wrestlers and many other interesting costumes. More recently items of recent media interest or advertisements form a key theme. Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, George Bush have made appearances. Movie figures such as Men in Black (MIB) and Austin Powers are crowd favorites and an impersonator of Austin has been a regular feature each year performing to the crowd.

In 2009 Air New Zealand, one of the major sponsors for the Wellington sevens, introduced a 'Beads for Kisses' ambient media campaign as a yearly sevens ritual. Over 100,000 strings of Mardi gras style beads were given to the crowd, who could then exchange the beads for kisses from other participants. This was followed in 2010 with the addition of kissing booths.

Past Champions

Year Champion Score Runner up
2000 23x15px Fiji 24 – 14[1] 23x15px New Zealand
2001 23x15px Australia 19 – 17[1] 23x15px Fiji
2002 23x15px South Africa 17 – 14[1] 23x15px Samoa
2003 23x15px New Zealand 38 – 26[1] 23x15px England
2004 23x15px New Zealand 33 – 15[1] 23x15px Fiji
2005 23x15px New Zealand 31 – 7[1] 23x15px Argentina
2006 23x15px Fiji 27 – 22[1] 23x15px South Africa
2007 23x15px Samoa 17 – 14[1] 23x15px Fiji
2008 23x15px New Zealand 22 – 17[1] 23x15px Samoa
2009 23x15px England 19 – 17 23x15px New Zealand
2010 23x15px Fiji 19 – 14 23x15px Samoa
2011 23x15px New Zealand 29 – 14[2] 23x15px England
2012 23x15px New Zealand 24 – 7 23x15px Fiji
2013 23x15px England 24 – 19 Template:Country data KEN
2014 23x15px New Zealand 21 – 0 23x15px South Africa
2015 23x15px New Zealand 27 – 21 23x15px England

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