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Western Iranian languages

Western Iranian
Southwest Asia, Central Asia, Caucasus, and western South Asia
Linguistic classification: Indo-European
  • Northwestern Iranian
  • Southwestern Iranian (Persid)
Glottolog: west2794[1]

The Western Iranian languages are a branch of the Iranian languages, attested from the time of Old Persian (6th century BC) and Median.


The traditional Northwestern branch is a convention for non-Southwestern languages, rather than a genetic group. The languages are as follows:[2][3]

Old Iranian
Middle Iranian

Also Khalaj (incertae sedis)

The dialects of Central Iran are a geographic rather than genetic grouping. They are spoken mostly in Markazi and Isfahan provinces. Many of them are giving way to Persian among the younger generations.[4]

Warduji is unclassified. It is probably a variety of Persian, but is not readily intelligible to speakers of standard Iranian Persian.

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