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William Shatner Live

William Shatner "Live!"
File:William Shatner Live cover.jpeg
Studio album by William Shatner
Released 1977
Recorded Live at Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York
Genre Outsider music, spoken word
Length 80 minutes
Label Lemli Records (catalog number 00001)
Producer Richard Canoff
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William Shatner "Live!" is actor William Shatner's 1977 live album. It was released on Lemli Records in the United States on two discs with a gate-fold sleeve and poster.

Text from liner notes:

The idea of a one man show had intrigued me for a long time. It's a well known fact that the film is a director's medium and the stage belongs to the actor. Once the curtain goes up nobody yells "cut." But the one man show is the ultimate of the actor's medium and it was this thought that led me back again and again to what I could do, alone, on the stage. It would be merciless, I knew. If I were good, it would be the actor's dream-- but if it failed I would be alone. Alone up there with thousands of eyes peering at me -- opera glasses raised for a closer look, and the unasked but heavily felt question "what's he going to do?"

All this was going through my head as I learned the lines -- all this was in front of my eyes as I lay down at night -- and when the day came that I was to open at Texas A&M University I was filled with fear.

A very primitive fear -- the fear of the actor. The nightmare that all actors have from time to time is appearing naked in front of an audience -- not knowing the lines, not knowing the play -- I was living the dream.

Thirty-five hundred people awaited me expectantly; the buzz of their voices reached me backstage, the lights dimmed, the M.C. announced my name and I walked out. The spotlight hit me like a physical force and I was on -- oh muse, be with me know -- I took a breath & started to speak...

(signed) William Shatner

Track listing

Side one
No. Title Length
1. "Earthbound" (Irene Jackson) 12:02
2. "The Flight of Man/Galileo" (Bertolt Brecht) 9:38
Side two
No. Title Length
3. "6 Ways To the Moon" (Edmond Rostand) 8:12
4. "War of the Worlds" (H.G. Wells) 12:02
Side three
No. Title Length
5. "The Movie" (talking about the pending Star Trek: The Motion Picture) 17:45
Side four (Short takes)
No. Title Length
6. "William Shatner -- Audience"   1:28
7. "Starship's Facilities"   0:26
8. "Peter"   4:18
9. "Summer Spaceship"   4:20
10. "Three-Way Alchemy -- The Brain/Finale"   9:50


  • Original Music on Go With Me / High Flight, The Flight of Man and War of the Worlds created and arranged by Mark Goldenberg.
  • All keyboards and synthesizers programmed and performed by Jim Hirsen.
  • All acoustic guitars performed by Mark Goldenberg.
  • Edited and assembled at Sun-West Studios, Hollywood, Calif.
  • All music recorded and mixed at Spectrum Studios, Venice, Calif.
  • Mastered at A&M Studios, Hollywood, Calif. Engineered by Bruce Ablin.
  • Mastered by Frank De Luna.
  • "William Shatner Live" was presented by Jerry Tokofsky Productions, conceived by Susan Price Root and Jerry Tokofsky.
  • Written by Susan Price Root.
  • Special thanks to Marcy Shatner for spiritual and practical guidance.
  • (c) and (p) 1977 Lemli Music, Inc., 760 N. La Cienega, Los Angeles, Ca 90069. This recording can only be purchased through: LEMLI MUSIC, P.O. BOX 1710, HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA 90028.
  • Art Direction: Ria Lewerke.
  • Photography: Moshe Brakha.

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