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Wilshire, Los Angeles

The Miracle Mile on Wilshire, near Museum Row

Wilshire is an area in Los Angeles, California, north of I-10, east of Beverly Hills and the Westside, west of Downtown LA and south of Hollywood, and contains, or abuts the districts of Mid-City West and Mid-Wilshire.

It refers to those areas that are centered on Wilshire Boulevard roughly between Hoover St. and La Cienega Blvd, but also any adjacent to Wilshire Blvd, between Downtown Los Angeles and Beverly Hills.

It is a collection of wealthy, middle-class and working-class neighborhoods that cluster around Wilshire Boulevard. Unlike other parts of Los Angeles, the wealthier neighborhoods of Wilshire, such as Larchmont and Hancock Park, are set not in the hills but rather on leveled land north of Wilshire Boulevard and east of Beverly Hills.

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Some also include Echo Park & Westlake (listed below) as a part of a Greater Wilshire.

Education and services

As Wilshire is an area of the City of Los Angeles, public facilities are provided by City departments: the Department of Recreation and Parks and the Los Angeles Public Library. Public schools are part of the Los Angeles Unified School District,


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File:Macarthur Park.jpg
MacArthur Park, facing Wilshire

Echo Park and Westlake