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Winston Churchill Memorial Trusts

Winston Churchill Memorial Trusts
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Founder Field Marshal Lord Alexander of Tunis
Focus World peace and mutual understanding through projects requiring international travel
Origins Living memorial to Sir Winston Churchill
Area served
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Method Travel Fellowships
Endowment UK£2.75 million (UK:1965)[1]:2
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Slogan With opportunities comes responsibility.
Formerly called
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Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship Medal, Obverse
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Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship Medal, Reverse, Recipient name redacted

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trusts are three independent but related living memorials to Sir Winston Churchill. They are based in the UK,[2] Australia,[3] and New Zealand.[4]


The UK Trust was founded on 1 February 1965, the day after Churchill's funeral.[1]:1 Elizabeth II extended her Royal Patronage to the Trust in 1965.[1]:2

The Trusts were founded to 'perpetuate and honour the memory of Sir Winston Churchill' by administering the award of Travelling Fellowships known as a Churchill Fellowship. While the three Trusts are independent, they have a similar approach, identifying potential themes each year and inviting members of the public to submit applications under these themes. The applications are vetted and a shortlist is created. People on this shortlist are then interviewed and the successful ones are awarded a Fellowship. The Trusts are not primarily concerned with scientists and scholars for whom opportunities for research and study already exist. The focus is to offer opportunity to 'men and women from all walks of life'.[1]:9

An attempt in 1964 by then Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson and George A. Drew to launch a fourth Trust in Canada did not come to fruition, in part due to the illness and death of the latter.[1]:5

Today, they receive sufficient funds for four weeks of foreign travel and subsistence, and the majority of recipients plan a trip of this length. In Australia the average award is A$25000 and the Trust administers a number of additional 'sponsored' Fellowships.

The recipients organise their own travel and undertake their own research. Upon their return, they submit a report to the Trustees. Once their report is accepted, they are formally installed as Fellows and receive their insignia, consisting of a specially minted Churchill Medal, at a national award ceremony.

Applicants must be citizens of the respective country and the research must necessitate foreign travel.

An implication taken from the award of a Fellowship is that the recipient is a leader or has potential leadership in their field of endeavour, and that the Fellowship will strengthen their usefulness to society. They are encouraged to promote the Fellowships, encouraging others to apply, and thus perpetuating the memory of Churchill.

There are local Associations to which Fellows may belong, and which generally maintain links with the respective Trust headquarters.

Notable Fellows by country and year

United Kingdom

Year Fellow Occupation /
Purpose / project / findings Location of study
1969 James Reid Minister Studied and observed in practise the comparatively new discipline of pastoral theology, concentrating on the work of counselling centres in the community.[citation needed] UK, USA
1976 Dr. Jane Wilson-Howarth Ecologist Discovered numerous species that were new to science and named one, a springtail, Troglopedetes churchillatus in honour of Churchill.[5][6] Nepal
1977 Karen Leighton Gymnast Trained with US National Coach. USA
1982 Nick Danziger Travel artist and author Travelling on foot and by traditional local transport, Danziger traversed from western Europe to China, and published Danziger’s Travels as a result.[7][8][9] Western Europe and China
1988 Charles Farthing Medical doctor Studied AIDS at the Bellevue Hospital in New York[10] USA
1989 Serge Lourie Housing Association Chair Studied urban renewal and housing in order to help tackle the housing crisis in the United Kingdom[citation needed] France and USA
2004 Dr. Steven Mannion Pediatric surgeon Having repopularised the Ponseti Method for treating infantile club foot, Mannion worked with Ignacio Ponseti, the inventor of the method.[citation needed] Iowa, USA
2006 Chris Smith[11] Kayaker-Writer Explored the Rivers of Madagascar. Madagascar


Year Fellow Occupation /
Purpose / project / findings Location of study
1968 Ronald Burnheim Principal Clinical Psychologist, North Ryde Psychiatric Centre Granted Fellowship to study applied clinical psychology and patient rehabilitation practices in the US, with additional institutional visits in the UK and Europe[12] USA (plus UK, Europe)
1972 Lionel Gilbert Lecturer and Curator Churchill Fellowship to study the educational use of museums in the UK[13] UK
2006 Jonathan Oehm Certified Journeyman Farrier The James Love Churchill Fellowship to study advanced therapeutic and remedial farriery techniques[14][15]
2008 Dr Elizabeth Grant Architect, Anthropologist and Academic, The University of Adelaide Churchill Fellowship to study the design of prisons for Indigenous prisoners [16] Denmark, USA, Canada, New Zealand
2009 Joanna Bosse Assistant Curator, Ian Potter Museum of Art Developed new curatorial models for Australian art museums to work with Indigenous artists and their communities[17] Canada, USA
Nicholas I. Bochner The Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study the use of improvisation in teaching classical music[18] UK
Monique Conheady Founder and CEO, Flexicar Investigated public transport systems utilising the latest technology to incorporate newer forms of transit such as bicycles and car sharing[19] China, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, USA, Columbia
Dr Catherine Crock Physician, The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia Australian Institute of Patient and Family Centred Care The Jack Brockhoff Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate the benefits of family involvement in effective healthcare by examining patient and family centred care models[20] USA and Europe
Samuel T Murray President, ASID Vic Assessing the impact of compulsory registration and accreditation systems of support staff on disability service provision[21] England, Scotland, Norway, Canada and USA.
Sarah Maddison Social scientist and academic Studying models of Indigenous representation[22] USA and Canada
2012 Nicholas Wyman Human resources A fresh approach to engaging young people in skilled careers[23][24] USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, France

New Zealand

Year Fellow Occupation /
Purpose / project / findings Location of study
1973 Don Merton Conservationist Study the management of endangered species.[citation needed] USA and Europe


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