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Wintergreen (comics)

William Randolph Wintergreen is a fictional character in DC Comics.

Fictional character biography

He was introduced in New Teen Titans #2 (Dec 1980) as the butler of Deathstroke the Terminator. In later issues, and Deathstroke's own title, it was revealed that Wintergreen was a former member of the SAS who rescued Sgt Slade Wilson (the future Deathstroke) from a bomb, who in turn would rescue him from a Viet Cong prison.[1]

Although Wintergreen did not have Deathstroke's abilities, he had more experience and often acted as his mentor. Since Deathstroke was devised as the criminal version of Batman, Wintergreen was his counterpart to Alfred.

When Deathstroke (temporarily) retired, Wintergreen honoured him by running Vigilance Inc., a search-and-rescue operation originally set up as a mercenary organization by Slade's ex-wife, Adeline. He was subsequently killed (and has his head mounted on a wall) when Jericho took over Slade's body and attacked him. Although Jericho was in control of Slade, Wintergreen apparently had believed he would be murdered by Slade eventually, evidenced by his apparent last words of "I suppose it was only a matter of time."[2]

During the Blackest Night storyline, Wintergreen was reanimated as a member of the Black Lantern Corps, hunting down and attacking his former student.[3]

In other media


  • Wintergreen makes occasional appearances in Teen Titans. Unlike Slade, Wintergreen is never referred to by name. He is first seen in the episode "Divide and Conquer" when Cinderblock delivers Plasmus to Slade. He is almost never seen out of his master's lair except in "The Lost Episode" (which never aired on TV but was a promotional episode for Post Cereals) where he is part of the crowd running from Punk Rocket's Rock N' Roll rage. He later appeared as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil, participated in the final battle against the titans, and was frozen along with the most of the Brotherhood, once they were defeated.
  • Wintergreen (known as Billy Wintergreen) appears in the CW TV show Arrow, portrayed by Jeffrey Robinson. In the fifth episode, "Damaged", Wintergreen (wearing the iconic Deathstroke mask) is part of mercenary unit led by Edward Fyers to locate Yao Fei on the Island, Lian-Yu. He is sent by Fyers to torture Oliver Queen over Yao-Fei's location at Fyer's tent, until Yao Fei bests him in combat. Up until episode thirteen "Betrayal" he is believed to be Deathstroke, until the appearance of Slade Wilson himself, in which he is explained to be the true Deathstroke's former partner. In the fourteenth episode "The Odyssey", Wintergreen is stabbed in the eye by Slade, and seemingly dead. Wintergreen is revealed to be a close friend of Slade Wilson, and the godfather of his son, Joe, and like Slade is Australian (and is mentioned to be an ASIS Agent and former member of Team-7). He is portrayed by stuntman Jeffrey C. Robinson. In this version, Wintergreen is as evenly skilled in swordsmanship, armed and unarmed combat and peak athletic as Slade is.


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