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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance New X-Men vol. 2 #128 (August 2002)
In-story information
Type of organization Support agency
Base(s) bases around the world
Leader(s) Professor X (founder)
Agent(s) Domino (Hong Kong)
Sunspot (Los Angeles)
Warpath (Mumbai)
See:Known Members

The X-Corporation (X-Corp) is a fictional institution appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly in association with the X-Men comics. This organization was created to ensure the protection of mutant rights throughout the world due to the increasing number of mutants and widespread bigotry against them.

Fictional history

X-Corp was founded by Prof. Charles Xavier, the founder of the X-Men.[1] Its purpose is to provide support for "civilian" mutant populations on a global scale in a world where the mutant population was outgrowing the reach of the X-Men. X-Corp offices are located in many major cities in every continent, and each office is managed by a former member of the X-Men or one of their satellite teams, such as Sunspot or Domino. The worldwide headquarters of the X-Corporation is the X-Mansion. X-Corp works with local governments, such as when they took in the superstrong twelve-year-old orphan Molly Hayes on behalf of the Social Services of Los Angeles.

It should not be confused with the X-Corps, a short-lived paramilitary team led by Banshee, which merged with the X-Corporation after its dissolution, most of its members transferring to the Paris branch.

In the wake of the Decimation of mutantkind, wherein 90-95% of the mutant population was rendered genetically and physically human and thus powerless, several bombings occurred at X-Corporation locales. For the safety of those operating the facilities, and to regroup all empowered members, Cyclops ordered the evacuation of all X-Corp offices and the organization appears to be dead. With the minimal mutant population and the strict government rules imposed on mutants, the organization would serve no purpose.

Known locations

Branch First Appearance Members
Amsterdam New X-Men Annual 2001 (mentioned) -unknown-
Hong Kong New X-Men Annual 2001 Domino, Risque
London -unknown-
Los Angeles X-Treme X-Men #31 Empath, Magma, Skids, Skitz, Stringfellow, Sunspot
Melbourne New X-Men Annual 2001 (mentioned) -unknown-
Mumbai New X-Men #133 (destroyed in Excalibur v2 #5) Feral, Thornn, Warpath, Sunfire
Nairobi -unknown-
New York New Mutants vol. 2 #13 -unknown-
Paris New X-Men #128 (Car-bombed and destroyed on M-Day) Cannonball, Darkstar, Holly, M, Multiple Man, Rictor, Sabra, Siryn
Singapore Excalibur vol. 2 #5 Thunderbird III, Lifeguard

Known members


Hong Kong Branch

  • Domino (currently a mercenary for hire)
  • Risque (killed in action off-panel in New X-Men Annual 2001)

Los Angeles Branch

  • Empath (member of 198 staying on the Institute grounds)
  • Magma (member of 198 staying on the Institute grounds)
  • Skids (undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent)
  • Skitz (possibly depowered)
  • Stringfellow (possibly depowered)
  • Sunspot (former COO of Los Angeles Branch; current Lord Imperial of the Hellfire Club)

Mumbai Branch

  • Feral (killed in action by Sabretooth)
  • Sunfire (currently working for Mister Sinister)
  • Thornn (currently depowered)
  • Warpath (currently member of X-Men)

Paris Branch

Singapore Branch

Alternate uses

In the Marvel Trading Card Game, X-Corp is the evil scientific corporation that is controlled by the Hobgoblin, from the Spider-Man series.


  1. ^ New X-Men #128 (August 2002)

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