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Xiaodong Wang

Xiaodong Wang (simplified Chinese: 王晓东; traditional Chinese: 王曉東; pinyin: Wāng Xiǎodōng, born 1963) is a Chinese-born American biochemist best known for his work with cytochrome c.[1] His laboratory developed an in-vitro assay for the activation of the apoptosis related proteinase Caspase-3. This allowed the biochemical purification a complex of Cytochrome c, Caspase-9 and the Apoptotic Protease Activating factor-1 (APAF1). These components are essential for forming a ternary complex called the apoptosome that activates Caspase-3 downstream of the intracellular or mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis.[2]

He was awarded the 2006 Shaw Prize in Life Science and Medicine.[3]

Wang is a member of United States National Academy of Sciences and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Currently he is a professor at National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing.[4]

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