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YUBA League

YUBA League
86px x 117px
Sport Basketball
Founded 1991
Countries 23x15px FR Yugoslavia / Serbia and Montenegro
Continent FIBA Europe (Europe)
Ceased 2006
Most titles Partizan
Level on pyramid 1st Tier
(FR Yugoslavia / Serbia and Montenegro)

The YUBA League was the name of the top level basketball league played in FR Yugoslavia and Serbia and Montenegro from 1991-92 to 2005-06.

The name YUBA League (Yugoslav Basketball Association League) was used in Serbia and Montenegro until 2005. It consisted of the first-tier "First League", and the second-tier "Super League", with each having their own men's and women's divisions. The league was also named Winston YUBA League, Frikom YUBA League, Efes Pils YUBA League, Atlas Pils YUBA League, and Sinalco First League, for sponsorship reasons. For past league sponsorship names, see the list below.

When Serbia and Montenegro peacefully separated in 2006, the YUBA League ceased to exist and was re-branded as the Basketball League of Serbia a Serbia-only organization, with Montenegro forming its own federation.

Competition format 2003–2006

Both the Super League and First League used a double round-robin style qualification round, where each team played every other team both at home and away. Even the quarters, semis, and finals were played at home and away, including a tie-breaker if necessary with the home advantage awarded to the better qualifying team.

The Super League men's contained eight clubs, while women's contained six. Immediately after the qualification round were the semi finals, in which the top four qualifying teams competed in. While the two leagues worked exactly the same, the First League however, contained almost twice as many clubs as the Super League, fourteen and twelve for men's and women's respectively and therefore included quarter finals.

Championship history 1991–2006

1991–92 to 2001–02 FR Yugoslavia & Serbia and Montenegro 2002–03 to 2005–06

Title holders

Performance by club

Titles Club Years
9 23x15px Partizan 1991-92, 1994-95, 1995-96, 1996-97, 2001-02, 2002-03, 2003-04, 2004-05, 2005-06
3 23x15px Crvena Zvezda 1992-93, 1993-94, 1997-98
23x15px Budućnost 1998-99, 1999-00, 2000-01

Play-off Finals

Season Home court advantage Result Home court disadvantage 1st of Regular Season Record
Partizan <center>3–0 Crvena Zvezda Partizan <center>20–2
<center>1992–93 Crvena Zvezda <center>3–2 Partizan Crvena Zvezda <center>28–6
<center>1993–94 Partizan <center>1–3 Crvena Zvezda Partizan <center>27–5
<center>1994–95 Partizan <center>3–2 TG Borovica Ruma Partizan <center>24–4
<center>1995–96 Partizan <center>3–2 BFC Beočin Partizan <center>27–9
<center>1996–97 Partizan <center>3–1 FMP Partizan <center>20–6
<center>1997–98 Crvena Zvezda <center>3–1 FMP Partizan <center>24–2
<center>1998–99 Budućnost <center>20–2
<center>1999–00 Budućnost <center>3–0 Partizan Budućnost <center>22–0
<center>2000–01 Budućnost <center>3–2 Partizan Budućnost <center>21–1
<center>2001–02 Budućnost <center>2–3 Partizan Budućnost <center>18–4
<center>2002–03 Partizan <center>3–0 FMP Partizan <center>20–2
<center>2003–04 Partizan <center>3–1 Hemofarm Vršac Partizan <center>20–2/12-2
<center>2004–05 Partizan <center>3–1 Hemofarm Vršac Partizan <center>11–3
<center>2005–06 Partizan <center>3–0 Crvena Zvezda Partizan <center>9–1

Source: official website archive[1]

Sponsorship names

Through the years, sometimes due to sponsorship deals, the league was variously known as:

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