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Yahoo! Auctions

Yahoo! Auctions is a service set up by the online search giant Yahoo! in 1998 to compete against eBay.[1]

There are currently only three localizations of the service active in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan; Yahoo! has already discontinued the service in United States, Canada, Singapore, United Kingdom and Ireland. The US and Canada sections of the site were closed on June 16, 2007. The Singapore section of the site was closed on September 22, 2008. The UK and Ireland service was closed on June 28, 2002. During the shutdown of the UK and Ireland service, Yahoo! took the unusual step of endorsing its main auctions rival, eBay, as their 'preferred' service.

Yahoo! Auctions was preferred by some sellers for its no-fee policy — all revenue was from advertising. Singaporean users chose to shy away from eBay after the closure of Yahoo! Auctions in Singapore, citing high fees and a cluttered website.[2]

In April 2001, Yahoo! acquired, a major competitor to eBay in Australia. was previously owned by John Fairfax Holdings' online interactive arm, F2. The site was given a new address within the domain. In August 2003, Yahoo! announced that the site would be shutting down and directed users to eBay.[3]

Yahoo Japan Auctions is probably the biggest resource for a number of items that are made in Japan. If you’re an enthusiastic collector of products Made in Japan, you’ve come to the right place. Yahoo Japan Auctions is a collector's heaven, from very rare items to the latest Sony, Toshiba, NEC, and Sharp electronic gadgets, car parts, and other items for personal and business use. These items may include video games, anime, cels, auto parts, auto bike parts, clothing, beyblades, etc. After the language problem, the next issue is how to receive products. This is where MailOrderJapan comes in. MailOrderJapan will take care of the entire transaction process: from payment and receipt of your product from the seller, to shipment. With our automatic self-bidding system for Yahoo Japan Auctions, you can bid at any time you like. Our system places bids for you in real time. We recommend bidding at the very last moment to win bids at the lowest possible price.[4]

Yahoo! Wallet

Yahoo! Wallet is a lesser-known competitor to PayPal. Wallet was designed for use at Yahoo! websites such as Yahoo! Music and Yahoo! Auctions. Likewise, new Auctions sellers were required to confirm their identity by entering in their credit card number into Wallet. The service is still running.

Yahoo! Kantan kessai (Yahoo!かんたん決済 Yafū kantan kessai?) is a similar service for paying for Japanese auctions using either bank accounts at certain Japanese banks, or a credit card issued by a Japanese bank.[5] In order to use a credit card, your bank must have registered how your name is written out in katakana, which effectively blocks the use of all non-Japanese cards.[6]


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