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Prefecture-level city
Hongta District, 2007
Location of Yuxi in Yunnan
Location of Yuxi in Yunnan
Country People's Republic of China
Province Yunnan
Admin HQ Hongta
 • Total 15,285 km2 (5,902 sq mi)
 • Total 2,568,000
 • Density 170/km2 (440/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Postal code 653100
Area code(s) 0877
Website (chinese)
Yunnan e-Portal

Yuxi (Chinese: 玉溪; pinyin: Yùxī) is a prefecture-level city in the Yunnan province of the People's Republic of China. The administrative center of Yuxi is Hongta District. Yuxi is approximately Script error: No such module "convert". south of Kunming.


Yuxi is located in the center of Yunnan province, about Script error: No such module "convert". south of Kunming, the provincial capital. Like much of the central and eastern parts of the province, it is part of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau.

The area is Script error: No such module "convert". and the population is approximately 2.5 million.

Near Yuxi city is Fuxian Lake, the second-deepest freshwater lake in China, where there have been discovered ancient fossils that are now in the possession of the Yuxi museum. There also are three other lakes around the city. They are Xingyun Lake, Qilu Lake, Yangzong Lake.


Tempered by the low latitude and moderate elevation, Yuxi has a mild subtropical highland climate (Köppen Cwb), with short, mild, dry winters, and warm, rainy summers. Frost may occur in winter but the days still generally warm up to around Script error: No such module "convert".. During summer, a majority of the days features some rainfall, and daytime temperatures rise to Script error: No such module "convert".. A great majority of the year's rainfall occurs from June to October.

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The city was founded in 960 AD, at a time when Yunnan was not yet part of China. Yuxi was once the core area of Yunnan Province during the Previous Qin Dynasty (period before 221 BC). In the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-24 AD), it became a county of Yizhou Shire. The following dynasties witnessed the continuous separations and unifications of the area. It was not until 1997 that Yuxi became a prefecture-level city of the Republic of China.[1]


A considerable part of the residents of Yuxi (around 31.76%, Year 2003) belong to ethnic minorities.


Rao Nanhu is the mayor of Yuxi City.(From 03/2013)


The composer of China's National Anthem, Nie Er was from Yuxi.


File:Hongta Group.jpg
A distant view of the Hongta Group Headquarters (Hongta cigarette company)

Yuxi is the home of the Hongta Group, which was named after the Red Pagoda which sits atop a nearby hill. The Pagoda was originally white, but was painted red during the cultural revolution. The tobacco is of high quality due to the fact that there are over 2300 hours of sunlight a year in the region, adequate rainfall in the summer, and excellent soil that produces a plethora of other fruits and vegetables. The region has begun producing wine, which could prove to be quite palatable in the next decade or so.

Yuxi is one of the fastest growing small cities in China. In 2001, the city won an Honor Award in Analysis & Planning by the American Society of Landscape Architects. In 2004 UNIDO held a Workshop on Seed Treatment Technology, one of only two in China.


Yuxi Normal University is a university located in Yuxi with almost 8000 students. It was founded in 1978 as Yuxi Normal College. In 2000, under the approval from the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, it was renamed Yuxi Normal University, with the merging of Yuxi Adult Education Center and Yuxi Normal School.


# Name Hanzi Hanyu Pinyin Population
(2003 est.)
Area (km²) Density
1 Hongta District 红塔区 Hóngtǎ Qū 390,000 1,004 388
2 Jiangchuan County 江川县 Jiāngchuān Xiàn 260,000 850 306
3 Chengjiang County 澄江县 Chéngjiāng Xiàn 150,000 773 194
4 Tonghai County 通海县 Tōnghǎi Xiàn 270,000 721 374
5 Huaning County 华宁县 Huáníng Xiàn 200,000 1,313 152
6 Yimen County 易门县 Yìmén Xiàn 170,000 1,571 108
7 Eshan Yi Autonomous County 峨山彝族自治县 Éshān Yízú Zìzhìxiàn 150,000 1,972 76
8 Xinping Yi and Dai Autonomous County 新平彝族傣族自治县 Xīnpíng Yízú Dǎizú Zìzhìxiàn 270,000 4,223 64
9 Yuanjiang Hani, Yi and Dai Autonomous County 元江哈尼族彝族傣族自治县 Yuánjiāng Hānízú Yízú Dǎizú Zìzhìxiàn 200,000 2,858 70

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