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ZUUS Country

ZUUS Country
Type Broadcast television network
Country United States
Availability Nationwide (available on OTA digital television and LPTV in two markets)
(covering 25% of the U.S.)[1]
Owner Zuus Media
Launch date
January 7, 2009
Former names
Artists & Fans Network (2009)
American Music Video Network (2009–2010)
The Country Network (2010–2013)
Official website
Zuus Country

Zuus Country is an American digital broadcast television network that is owned by Zuus Media. The network specializes in broadcasting country music videos, its playlist of videos extends from the 1980s through the present day. The network also airs occasional infomercials (mostly for country music compilation albums) in prime time and other high dollar day parts (as well as throughout late-night and overnight).

The network is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.


File:The Country Network Logo.png
Former logo as The Country Network, used from February 15, 2010 to May 31, 2013.

The network first launched on January 7, 2009 as the Artists & Fans Network; the music video that inaugurated the network was the Kid Rock video "All Summer Long". AFN was first carried on satellite through DirecTV on channel 236.

In August 2009, after suffering from financial problems, Southern Venture Capital Group sold all the assets of the company to one of the founders, Warren Hansen, who then changed its name to the American Music Video Network, and rolled out the programming with a new look and feel. On February 15, 2010, the company was renamed The Country Network to represent its focus on country music. Around this time, The Country Network began to transition into a digital multicast network, carried over-the-air on broadcast television stations across the United States as well as the first broadcast network to simulcast to Roku, iPhone, iPad, web, and other OTT outlets.

On May 20, 2013, Zuus Media announced its acquisition of The Country Network. On June 1, 2013, Zuus Media announced the rebranding as Zuus Country.[2]


As of 2013, Zuus Country has television stations in over 41 television markets in 26 states, covering approximately 34 million over the air households an 18 million cable subscribers. ZUUS Country (at the time, still named The Country Network) signed a deal with Sinclair Broadcast Group in August 2010 to be carried on digital subchannels of Sinclair stations in most of its media markets;[3] the network began airing on Sinclair owned and/or operated stations on October 10, 2010.

Current affiliates

City Station Channel
TV[4] / RF


Mobile-Pensacola, Florida WEAR-TV 3.2 (17) Sinclair Broadcast Group


Phoenix K38IZ-D 38.4 (38) Adrian Quinones


Fresno KMSG-LD 39.5 (39) Cocola Broadcasting
Los Angeles KHIZ-LD 39.1 (2) Jeff Chang
Monterey, California KYMB-LD 27.6 (27) Cocola Broadcasting
Sacramento, California KSAO-LD 49.7 (49) Cocola Broadcasting
San Francisco, California KFTL 28.15 (3) LocusPoint Networks, LLC.


Boise KZAK-LD 49.3 (49) Cocola Broadcasting


Champaign-Springfield WICS 20.2 (42) Sinclair Broadcast Group
Bloomington (Peoria) WYZZ-TV 43.3 (28) Cunningham broadcasting
(operated by Nexstar Broadcasting Group)


Cedar Rapids KFXA 28.3 (27) Second Generation of Iowa, LLC
(operated by Sinclair Broadcast Group)


Topeka KSQA 12.1 (12) Barbara Wade (51%)
Cooper-Fowler Media (49%)
Hutchinson (Wichita) KMTW 36.2 (35) Deerfield Media
(operated by Sinclair Broadcast Group)


Paducah WDKA 49.3 (49) WDKA Acquisition Corporation
(operated through LMA by Sinclair Broadcast Group)


Cambridge (Boston) WLVI 56.2 (41) Sunbeam Television


Flint WSMH 66.3 (16) Sinclair Broadcast Group

North Carolina

Greensboro-Winston-Salem-High Point WXLV-TV 45.2 (29) Sinclair Broadcast Group
Raleigh WLFL 22.2 (27)

New York

Buffalo WUTV 29.2 (14) Sinclair Broadcast Group
New York City WDVB-CD 23.5 (23) LocusPoint Networks, LLC.
Syracuse WSYT 68.2 (19) Bristlecone Broadcasting

South Carolina

Charleston WGWG 4.1 (34) Howard Stirk Holdings


Houston KBPX-LD 46.1 (46) Ion Media Networks
San Antonio KABB 29.2 (30) Sinclair Broadcast Group


Nashville WNAB 58.2 (23) Tennessee Broadcasting, LLC
(operated by Sinclair Broadcast Group)


Salt Lake City/Odgen KUCW 30.3 (48) Nexstar Broadcasting Group

West Virginia

Charleston-Huntington WVAH-TV 11.2 (19) Cunningham Broadcasting
(operated through LMA by Sinclair Broadcast Group)


Milwaukee WCGV-TV 24.2 (25) Sinclair Broadcast Group

Former affiliates

City Station Channel
Augusta, Georgia WRDW-TV 12.3 / (12) Replaced by Antenna TV.
Baton Rouge WLFT-CA 30.3 Was replaced by TV Scout, then replaced by Get-TV.
Baltimore, Maryland WBFF 45.3 Was replaced by This TV, which was displaced from 45.2 by WeatherNation TV.
Belmont-Charlotte WJZY 46.4 / (47) Contract was terminated with purchase by Fox Television Stations and station's conversion to Fox; subchannel removed July 1, 2013.
Bessemer (Birmingham) WDBB 17.2 (18) Replaced with full-power simulcast of WBMA-LD for central part of Birmingham market after Sinclair's acquisition of that station's ABC affiliation.
Fresno KGPE 47.2 Replaced with duplicate SD signal of 47.1; affiliation moved to KMSG-LD.
Homewood (Birmingham) WTTO 21.2 (28) Replaced by Get-TV
Jacksonville WTLV 12.2 (13) Replaced by Soul of the South Network
Pittsburgh WPGH-TV 53.2 (43) Replaced by Get-TV
St. Louis KDNL-TV 30.3 (31) Removed for Get TV on 30.2.
Troy-Montgomery WIYC 48.1 (48) Replaced with WeatherNation TV, then Cozi TV.


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