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Fats or FATS may refer to:

  • Dietary fats, one of the main macronutrients

Persons with the nickname:

  • Fats Dantonio (1918–1993), American Major League Baseball catcher
  • Fats Domino (born 1928), American rock and roll singer and pianist
  • Fats Everett (1915–1969), American Congressman
  • Bob Fothergill (1897–1938), American Major League Baseball player
  • Fats Heard (1923–1987), American jazz drummer
  • Fats Jenkins (1898–1968), American Negro Leagues baseball and barnstorming basketball player
  • Fats Navarro (1923–1950), American jazz trumpeter
  • Fats Pichon (1906–1967), American jazz pianist and singer
  • Fats Sadi (1927–2009), Belgian jazz musician
  • Fats Waller (1904–1943), American jazz pianist


See also

  • Fat (disambiguation)
  • Anthony Lacen (1950–2004), American jazz tuba player and band leader nicknamed "Tuba Fats"
  • Rudolf Wanderone (1913–1996), American billiards player who changed his nickname from "New York Fats", "Broadway Fats", etc. to "Minnesota Fats" after the movie The Hustler came out
  • Minnesota Fats, a fictional character in the novels The Hustler and The Color of Money and the film adaptation of the former